Katerina Dorohova
Russian Artist and Tutor

Dorokhova Ekaterina Sergeevna 

Artist and teacher of the Russian Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg , Repin State Academic Institute since 2012.

Member of the Union of Artists of Russia since 2010.
Member of the Union of Chinese Artists and Musicians in Russia.

Short biography :
Date of birth November 27, 1983 in Sergiev Posad,

Moscow Region, in the family of artists.

1999-2003 - study at the workshop of A. Velichko.

2003-2010 - studying at the Repin State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in St. Petersburg. (the teachers were famous Russian artists, headed by Andrey Mylnikov)

2010 - 2013 - teaching painting and drawing at the Saimaa University of Applied Sciences in Imatra, Finland. 

2012 - 2013 - teaching at Tomsk State University, Tomsk, Russia. Carried out a series of lectures and master classes on painting and composition in art . 

2015-2016 - teaching painting at Shenzhen University, in Shenzhen City, China.

Based on the cooperation of the Repin Institute and Shenzhen University.

From 2002 - 2017 - participated in different exhibitions : in the halls of the Central House of Artists in Moscow, in the halls of the Sergiev-Posad branch of the Union of Artists, in the halls of the Scientific Research Museum of the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, in the museum of Imatra in Finland , in Strasbourg in France, in the city of Changchun in China, in the Central Museum of Lanzhou, Gansu Province in China, 
and in other galleries of Russia, Finland, France, Switzerland and China.

Also held solo exhibitions:
2010 - In the Italian Hall of the Academy of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg
2010 - in the halls of the Union of Artists, Sergiev - Posad.
2011-2013 at the Salmela Art Center, Finland
2015 - at the Shenzhen University Museum, Shenzhen, China
2016- in the museum of Nanning, Guangxi Province, China.
2017 - the opening of the personal art gallery "Katya" in Nanning, in China under the auspices of the Minister of Finance of Guangxi Province, Professor Liu Minda.

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Instagram:  katerina_dorohova_art

​​MELBOURNE Workshop 2​​​​          

To enroll in any of the Melbourne events, please contact  Pilar 
on or +61413527485

 Painting from Observation and Imagination

JANUARY 20 to JANUARY 24, 2020                                  FEE $650 AUD                                

The focus of this workshop is to develop a painting by using both observation and imagination.  A major challenge for artists is to realise their personal vision.

In this workshop Katarina will teach how to incorporate observation by using still life objects, imagination, photo reference and anything that prompts memory or personal story. You will be asked to bring whatever resources you need to bring your memory or vision to reality in an oil painting. This will ensure that your painting is unique to you.

Classes will consist of demonstrations and lectures followed by individual one-on-one critiques of students while they work. In addition to the concepts already mentioned, other topics will include the technical processes for oil painting, as well as an understanding of value, light, form, composition and paint application.


Who should attend?
Anyone  aiming to enhance their painting skills and incorporate their imagination.

What's included?
  • Tutor demonstrations
  • One on one tuition and critique
  • Still life objects

Location:  Beaumaris Life Saving Club, Bayside, Bayside

Limited numbers: 14

MELBOURNE Workshop 1

To enroll in any of the Melbourne events, please contact  Pilar 

Drawing the Portrait with Russian Sauce
(pronounced "saw-oose")

JANUARY 13 to JANUARY 17, 2020                COURSE FEE $750 AUD

Russian sauce is a medium from the Dark Ages and few of today’s painters have had the opportunity to work with it.  Sauce was a nearly-extinct medium, a special clay that offeres a full ten-value tonal range, but in the tumult of the last century, sauce was all but lost to the world’s artists but it survived only in Russia.
Sauce can be used dry and/or wet  within the same drawing/painting. It is a stick much like a soft pastel, but when applied to paper, it gives a sensation of warm silk: slightly greasy but not oily. Breaking the Sauce down into its powder form it can be used as a wet medium.

In this workshop, Katerina will be teaching the versitility and the use of sauce in its dry and wet form.  The primary focus of this class will be drawing the portrait from a live model using the medium of sauce. 

Class sessions will consist of lectures and demonstrations, followed by one-on-one critiques.  The topics covered will include the anatomy and planes of the portrait, as well as concepts regarding light, shadow and form.
Who should attend?
Anyone wanting to enhance their drawing skills and learn about new matreials and their handelling. 

What's included?
  • Tutor demonstrations
  • One on one tuition and critique
  • Model fees
  • Sauce is provided and more sauce is available for purchase.

Location: Beaumaris Life Saving Club, Bayside

Limited numbers: 14

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