and Classes
Bringing Australian and International Practicing Artists and Teachers
to Melbourne
Jason Arkles - Artistic Anatomy Ecorche and Composition Wax Sketch- April 2018 (Italy)
Ray Hewit - Plein Air - July 2018 (AUS)
David Baird - Figure Drawing and Painting - September 2018 (USA)
Paul McDonald Smith - Still life and Plein air -May 2019 (AUS)
Katerina Dorohova - Portrait Drawing and Oil Painting - January 2020 (Russia)

About Workshops and Classes

The Goal:

Our goal is to invite both National and International teachers and practicing artist to lead master classes in their chosen field.
Australia is a distant continent from the rest of the world, and unless you have the resources including the time, it is difficult to get certain artistic training locally.
The goal of Melbourne Academy of Fine Art is to bring the training here closer to you.
We will bring National and International high caliber teachers and practicing artists that encompass painters, draftsman, sculptors and animators.

Artist:  Paul McDonald Smith

Artist: Katerina Dorohova                                   Artsit: Ray Hewitt                                                 Artist: Jason Arkles                                    

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