My Passion
My passion: 
Representational painting, drawing, and sculpture focusing on the human figure have returned to assert their prominence in the mainstream of visual art, and figurative art is once again at the forefront.
From ancient to recent times, artists have used the human form as a means to express their innermost thoughts and highest ideals.
Historically, artists devoted years of training to master the nuances and complexities of the body's representation in art.

 Pilar de la Torre CV
Pilar de la Torre, visual artist, painter
Awarded the “Phillip Muskett Prize for Landscape” and the “Thea Proctor Scholarship” at the Julian Ashton Art School, Sydney, Australia.
Developing of her art skills both within Australia and Internationally in Florence, France, and Spain has been Pilar’s highest priority.  She continues to study painting at the Victorian Artist Society Melbourne Victoria, with Paul McDonald Smith OAM, FVAS, FRSA. Studying figure painting in France at Studio Escalier in 2014 and 2017 was highly influential.  

Pilar is committed to constant and never-ending improvement in her art practice.

Pilar has entered major art prizes such as the Archibald and the Portia Geach awards.  Her entry into the 2005 Archibald prize was selected into the Salon des Refusés exhibition in Sydney, Australia.
Pilar has been a finalist in the Kennedy Art Prize, Adelaide 2015 and the Rick Amor Drawing Prize, Ballarat Regional Gallery 2016.
Pilar has won art prizes and has been highly commended on many occasions for her work in portraiture and still life.

Pilar's work is held in private collections in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and USA


My entry into the Archibald Exibition 2005,
selected into the Salon des Refusés Exhibition 

In 2005 I painted patrons of the Indiginous Arts Jennice Kersh and brother Ray Kersh. This painting was entered into the 2005 Archibald.

It was rejected from the Archibald Prize but instead sellected into the Salon des Refusés, the alternative to the Archibald exhibition.

The Salon des Refusés exhibition opened at the S.H. Ervin Gallery with the honourable former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam who was a great supporter of the Arts and culture in Australia

It was a great honour to be selected into this alternative exhibition and to meet both Gough and Margaret Whitlam.

Here I am photographed with Former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam with my painting behind us.

This work was subsequently purchased and now resides in San Diego, California, USA